Watly 3.0

The 1st thermodynamic computer in the world

Watly is the most advanced and beautifully designed solar water purifier and micro-power station in the world. Watly works on solar energy providing clean water, electricity and internet connectivity.

Energy net

The real IoT

1 Watly is a stand-alone machine but 2 or more Watly, become a network. We’re creating the Energy_net, a physical network where internet fuses together with energy and water treatment.


What you do can change the world for a moment, why you do can change the world , possibily forewer...

We believe that abundace for all is currently our grand challenge, but well tomorrow be our common. We know that this better future starts by not leaving 5 billion of us behind.


“A incredibly talented, motivated and passionate team of people in the verge to solve one of the World’s biggest problem. Go Watly!”

Bibop Gv. Gresta
Deputy Chairman, COO and Chief Officer
at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc

“What these guys are doing is nobel price material.”

Guus Frericks
Co-founder and Managing Director at Startupbootcamp HighTechXL

“Watly is space technology applied to benefit planet Earth.”

Jorge Fuentes
Manager at the European Space Agency
Business Incubation Centre in Barcelona.

"Access to clean and affordable drinking water should be a natural human right and not a luxury. Watly is tackling the big questions and real needs for the 5 Billion people who face this daily challenge."

James H. Nakagawa
World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

“Africa is the last economical frontier and these innovative technologies will certainly drive infrastructural and human capital developments.”

Charles Ojei
Samsung Electronics Director

“Marco and his team's vision and enthusiasm to make the world a better place through technology and bringing humanity closer together are captivating and what will undoubtedly make them achieve their world-changing goal.”

Luisa Maier
Director of Lab & Venture at GTEC

“In my life, I have met only few people capable of creating such an immediate emotional impact on me. Amongst them, Watly founders. Their commitment to driving truly profound societal change is heartfelt and genuine, and their dedication to seeing their vision realized is absolute.”

Mike Grandinetti
Chief Marketing and Corporate Strategy Officer,
Reduxio and Professor Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing-Hult

“Watly obtained one of the 3 highest scores in the European competition for the H2020-SME Instrument funding scheme. The project's idea immediately thrilled me. Watly has a huge potential to succeed.”

Marco Rubinato
Project Officer chez EASME

"Watly will change the world to the better. I've seen it and am a believer in their powerful technology."

Laura Kohler
Managing Director at European Innovation Hub GmbH

"Watly's most powerful weapon? Their fearless ability to overcome the alleged impossible."

Martin Weber
Program Manager EuropeanPioneers

"Watly is by far one of the most innovative Startups I have come across. WEO Marco is a true visionary who will be mentioned along with people such as Elon Musk in the near future."

Yannick Sebastian Müller
Manager Innovation & Entrepreneurship bei etventure

“They define themselves as ordinary people who really believe will do extraordinary things. Their vision is so clear and motivation so strong that I really think they will succeed”

Emma Feriche
Business Services Manager at Tecnocampus Fundation

“Most probably the next big thing that will happen in Africa”

Ricard Garriga dice
Head of start-up strategy at YouNoodle

“People with positive attitude can achieve almost anything. This is certainly a motivated and enthusiastic team”

Marcos Martín
Co Founder. Menorca Millennials

"An experienced team, with strong values has created a business model based on social awareness and social responsability. It's the future for a cleaner and better world".

Carles Altes
Executive Coaching from Horizon2020