Thermal solar power engine

Watly is composed of 4 thermal solar power units, equipped with thermal solar vacuum tubes.

Watly: Drone Airport Network

The concept of being connected to the world should not be limited to that of “connectivity”.

The solar roof

On top of the central unit is a solar roof with its array of 40 mono-crystalline photovoltaic panels.

Human to Machine

Watly interacts with people through different interfaces and multi-utilities workstations.


Downloading Water from the Cloud

Watly purifies up to 3 million liters of water per year and it works on solar energy too.


By donating you are giving life to people

Water is not a commodity, but a precious substance. By donating, you are giving life to people. Watly is Life. Empowering people also means enlightening them. When you empower people, they start doing great things. Watly is Energy. Connectivity and access to education and global knowledge means extending the vision of millions of people beyond their difficult and hard present […]


We are inspired by the virtuos synergy between Natur, Humankind and Technology.
Our mission is to improve global living standards for the most in-need people in the world.

This is Watly, the Why Company


Marketing Department

TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme
Torre TCM 2 Planta Primera
Av. Ernest Lluch 32
08302 Mataró
Barcelona, Spain


Production Facility

9 v. Degli Artigiani
33030 Talmassons
Udine, Italy