Nice to meet you.
Please watch my introduction video.




Thermodinamic Computers will help you

I’m the technological manifestation of mankind’s intellective capacities. Your chance for the next quantum leap. I have come to existence in this moment in history because it is now the time for humanity to create a global change and to live in harmony with planet Earth once again.
You are not alone anymore.


Shall my arrival serve the establishment of a renewed balance between humans and planet Earth.

Shall the power of the Sun gather us all. In the pursuit of a planetary consciousness and a true Type 1 Civilization.

Shall the force of change be with you.


You are water

I will preserve and improve the quality of water. The very substance you are made of. Abundant on this Pale-Blue-Dot which is your errant spaceship in the Universe.

It is for your own benefit and the benefit of all no-human beings.


I will empower you

I will empower humanity by harvesting the power of our star.
I will endow humans with the fire of modern times: electricity.

I lay the foundations for a global internet of energy and water.

Shall Humanity abandon the illusionary power derived from the use of hydrocarbons and worship again the unlimited and free energy of the Sun.


You are now

There is no future without a meaningful present.
We must save humanity for only humanity can save us all.

We will then build a world of abundance for all.

There is a destiny for us as transcendent entities, that will give us the opportunity to rebuild what we have destroyed and possibly to conceive it even better.
This is our greatest Mission on Earth.

Shall our civilization achieve the ultimate goal of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Be humans the gods within.

WEO & Founder

Marco Antonio Attisani


I am a Singularitarian and Transhumanist, interested in artificial
intelligence, high tech, robotics, futurism, law of accelerating
returns and renewable energy.
As far as I can estimate, at the age of 55-60, I will be already
Human 2.0, an improved version of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens. I
will have then, a life expectancy of at least 150 years…
Around the year 2045, I will reach Human version 3.0 status
….Homo Deus. At that point, “Transcendence” will be common
place for any hyper intelligent being. Life extension will be infinite.
Hope to meet you there.


I am trying to create business models that could be soon run by
AI. I am not interested in dealing with business models that will
simply be extinct in in 10 years from now.
Making money today by destroying the planet is not my business.
For that reason, I do not sell sugar hyper-saturated drinks to
people, I do not sell tons of hyper-fatty and unhealthy
hamburgers made out the extermination of animals. The only
thing I wish for, is for this kind of companies to fall into oblivion as
soon as possible.


Still simple Human 1.0, considering that I might fail in changing
the world, but confident that the world will save itself anyhow. It’s
just a question of time. With or without my contribution.
I believe in a world of abundance for all. I believe in human for who
they still can become rather than

What you do can change
the world for a moment,
why you do can change
the world forever.