Marzotto Prize

Gruppo Santex Rimar has chosen to reward Watly, a machine capable of purifying contaminated water of any type (marine, polluted or even radioactive) without using filters or membranes. The project was born in 2013 from an idea of its CEO Marco Attisani, who calls Stefano Buiani (CTO) on board for the technological part. He then took part in the group Matteo Squizzato, then a student at the University of Udine. In two and a half years, from the concept of creating water in the limited availability places of the same, Watly has already become a working prototype, able to attract the attention of partners from all over the globe. The answer to the scarcity of water in the world can therefore also come from a machine capable of operating in complete autonomy, exploiting solar energy that at the same time allows it to generate electricity – exploitable through electrical sockets – and to connect in network with other similar devices, creating an information exchange network.