Watly multiple-stage purification process is based on vapor compression distillation, galvanization and graphene technology. It does not need filters or membranes.

It has by far the most effective and powerful method of water purification available. In terms of efficacy, it outperforms reverse osmosis, nano-filtration or ultraviolet purification methods.

Accredited laboratory results confirm that the water quality of Watly is outstanding, absolutely pure, low mineralized and with a perfect pH balance (6.8 – 7.2).

These chemical properties of the water produced by Watly are fine tunable according to the users’ preferences, tastes and legislation.
Watly has a pH-regulating internal system which is far more flexible than any filter technology. Our water also passes through an ionization process which ultimately delivers the highest quality water standard possible (in some cases better than commercial waters sold at the supermarket).