Thermal solar power engine

Watly is composed of 4 thermal solar power units, equipped with thermal solar vacuum tubes.

Watly: Drone Airport Network

The concept of being connected to the world should not be limited to that of “connectivity”.

The solar roof

On top of the central unit is a solar roof with its array of 40 mono-crystalline photovoltaic panels.

Human to Machine

Watly interacts with people through different interfaces and multi-utilities workstations.


Downloading Water from the Cloud

Watly purifies up to 3 million liters of water per year and it works on solar energy too.


By donating you are giving life to people

Water is not a commodity, but a precious substance. Empowering people also means enlightening them. Striving also means starting to believe in a better future.


We are inspired by the virtuos synergy between Natur, Humankind and Technology.
Our mission is to improve global living standards for the most in-need people in the world.

This is Watly, the Why Company


Marketing Department

TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme
Torre TCM 2 Planta Primera
Av. Ernest Lluch 32
08302 Mataró
Barcelona, Spain


Production Facility

9 v. Degli Artigiani
33030 Talmassons
Udine, Italy