Watly purifies water from any source of contamination being chemical, physical and bacteriological.

It efficiently desalinates ocean water, eliminates all pathogens and microorganisms from previously polluted water, including viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi or cysts; it removes organic and inorganic compounds as well as liquid contents of latrines and poisons such as arsenic, benzene, heavy metals (lead, mercury), chlorine, chloramines, and radionuclide.

Watly is composed of thermal solar power units, with each unit equipped with an “arch shaped” array of thermal solar vacuum tubes. Each power unit integrates an extendable telescopic wing that is closed during transportation.

Watly’s thermal panels are super-efficient and extremely resistant. Watly’s unique “arch shape” allows the thermal tubes to be optimally exposed to incident solar irradiation during the whole day. The solution emulates the advantages of a moving sun-tracker but is extremely simple and reliable in the long term.